Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

The Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (AML)is committed to enhancing the competitiveness of South African industry through the development of high value manufacturing technology as well as growing people talent. Since its inception, the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory has developed expertise that has assisted South African precision engineering, aerospace, tooling and automotive companies to improve their manufacturing processes.

The main research focus is on high performance machining, polishing technologies, manufacturing process optimization, intelligent manufacturing systems and laser processing technologies.  The AML also nurtures and grows R&D manpower for South African industry through the development of high calibre graduates and postgraduates. The Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory offers training to and pursues research projects with its various industrial partners. The AML is committed to creating intellectual capital, growing human expertise and contributing to industrial know how through critical research and development in the materials machining and manufacturing arena.



High performance machining

Polishing technologies

Manufacturing process optimization

Intelligent manufacturing system

Laser processing technologies

Complex system failure analysis



Diamond Research Laboratory - Element 6

Spectra Mapal SA Pty Ltd

University of the Witwatersrand

 UVP Products Pty Ltd

Alignment Tool (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Okamoto (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Hansens Engineering (Pty) Ltd



National Research Foundation

Element 6

Spectra Mapal SA Pty Ltd

Okamoto Machine tool Europe Gmbh

Technology Innovation Agency

National Laser Centre

Department of Science and Technology



Roeders 600 High speed machining Centre

Five axis Tool and Cutter grinder

Trumpf 2kWCO2 Laser and Lee 20W Nd:YAG Laser

Multi-kW fiber laser

Optical Multichannel Analyser

Multi-dimensional Work stage