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About Us

Your undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are led by a professional and experienced team, many of whom are world leaders in their fields. Professor Genevieve Langdon is our head of department.

Academic staff

Head of Department
Professor Genevieve Langdon
Tunde Bello-Ochende Thermodynamics, renewable & complex energy systems
Robert Knutsen Materials engineering
Arnaud Malan Computational Fluid Dynamics
Pieter Rousseau Thermodynamics / Heat Transfer
Brandon Collier-Reed Engineering Education
Associate Professors
Wim Fuls Design and Process Modelling
Ramesh Kuppuswamy Advanced Manufacturing
Chris von Klemperer Design / Composite Materials
Hennie Mouton  Control and Simulation of Electro-Mechanical Systems
George Vicatos Biomedical
Steeve Chung Kim Yuen Response to blast loading, impact loading
Senior Lecturers
Dr Sarah George Materials
Dr Reuben Govender Design
Dr Malebogo Ngoepe Computational biomechanics
Dr Bruce Kloot Academic Development
Dr Corrinne Shaw Engineering Management
Mr Trevor Cloete Mechanics of Solids
Mr Dirk Findeis NDT / Thermodynamics / Heat Transfer
Mr Ernesto Ismail Computational and Applied Mathematics
Mr Sa-adat Parker Mechanics of composite materials
Mrs Charmaine Findeis Engineering Drawing
Ms Leanne Raw Aerial systems and robotics
Occasional Lecturers
Mr James Evans Industrial Law
Emeritus Professors
Kevin Bennet Energy / Thermodynamics
Jasson Gryzagoridis NDT / Thermodynamics
Gerald Nurick Mechanics of Solids
Bob Tait Mechanics of Solids
Adjunct Professors
Louis Jestin Energy
Directors: Research Entities
Professor Robert Knutsen CME
Professor Genevieve Langdon BISRU
Professor Daya Reddy CERECAM