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Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Programmes

- master continously changing technologies and processes

Research project and courses are offered through which suitably qualified graduates may qualify for degrees of BSc Honours in Materials Science, PgDip in Power Plant Engineering, MSc (Eng), MPhil (Eng), MEng and PhD. These areas of specialisation include:
Computational Mechanics
Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering
Energy and Development Studies
Engineering Management
Materials Management
Mechanical Engineering
Power Plant Engineering
Sustainable Energy Engineering
Postgraduate Studies with the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI) on research topics related to Eskom's challenges.

Research Entities
Blast Impact and Survivability Research Unit (BISRU)
Centre for Materials Engineering (CME)
Centre for Research in Computational and Applied Mechanics (CERECAM)
Energy Research Centre (ERC)

Full postgraduate handbook here