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BSc (Eng) Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering



BSc (Eng) Mechanical Engineering

BSc (Eng) Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering

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BSc (Eng) Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering

- the disciplines of two worlds - mechanical and electrical

Study mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials, basic electrical engineering and basic mechanical engineering. Design, build, control, and maintain a wide range of engineering products and processes.

Learn about microprocessors; digital electronics; mechatronics design; electro-mechanical design; control systems design and simulation; computer integrated manufacture and robotics; project management; maintenance management and reliability in systems; industrial engineering and industrial law; and new venture planning.

The programme aims to meet the demand for engineers with cross-disciplinary skills - generalists rather than specialists - particularly in the field of robotics, flexible manufacturing and electro-mechanical power systems. Some flexibility is allowed in the selection of courses so that students can tailor the degree to suit their interests and needs.

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Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering

Most industries use forms of mechanical systems with electronic control parts of them. This makes mechanical & mechatronic engineering one of the most diverse of all engineering disciplines with careers in a wide range of sectors. These include management of people and resources, development and use of new materials and technologies, researching and developing medical products, improving production in old refineries and designing building services.