Mechanical Engineering

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BSc(Eng) in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

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Programme Convenor: Associate Professor Brandon Collier-Reed, PrEng MSc(Eng) PhD Cape Town M(SA)IMechE SAARMSTE ASEE

The undergraduate BSc(Eng) degree programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Electro-Mechanical Engineering have a common First and Second Year Curriculum. Note: Students make a choice of which programme to pursue prior to the beginning of their Third Year of study.

Common First Year Core Courses

Number Course Credits
CEM1008F Chemistry for Engineers 16
MAM1003W Mathematics 103 32
MAM1042S Engineering Statistics 16
MEC1002W Engineering Drawing 16
MEC1004W Engineering 1 32
PHY1010W Physics 110 32
Total credits:   144
MEC1000X Practical Training  

Common Second Year Core Courses

Number Course Credits
EEE2030F Electrical Engineering I 12
EEE2031S Electrical Engineering II 12
MAM2080W Mathematics 280 32
MEC2020W Design I 32
MEC2022S Thermofluids I 16
MEC2023F Dynamics I 16
MEC2025F Mechanics of Solids 12
MEC2042F Materials of Science in Engineering 12
Total credits:   144
MEC2000X Practical Training  

Following the common First/Second Years of Curriculum a candidate shall complete approved courses of a value required to bring the total to a minimum of 576 credits and shall comply with all the prescribed curriculum requirements.

Third Year Core Courses

Number Course Credits
EEE3044S Energy Conservation and Utilisation 8
EEE3061W Mechatronics Design I 12
EE3062F Digital Electronics 12
EEE3070S Measurement and Microprocessors 8
MAM2082F Computer Programming in Matlab 8
MEC2026S Project Management 8
MEC3023F Mecahincs of Solids 12
MEC3031S Dynamics II 16
MEC3033F Thermofluids II 20
MEC3035S Computer Integrated Manufacture and Robotics 8
MEC3037S Professional Communication Studies and Dev 12
Total credits:   148
MEC3000X Practical Training  

Fourth Year Core Engineering Courses

Number Course Credits
EEE4013F Control Systems 8
MEC4053Z Measurement and Control in Engineering Systems 16
MEC4055Z Design III 16
MEC4061F/Z Individual Laboratory/Research Project 48
Fourth year Core Complementary Studies Course
MEC4063C Industrial Ecology 8
Fourth Year Elective Complementary Studies Courses
MEC4022Z Industrial Law 8
MEC4042Z Industrial Management 8
MEC4051Z New Venture Planning 8
MEC4054Z Quality Reliability and Maintenance Managment 12

Students must select a minimum of 24 credits of Complementary Studies courses from the list above, or with the approval of the Programme Convenor, any course offered by faculties other than the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment and the Faculty of Science, as long as such courses meet ECSA's definition of a complementary studies course.

Fourth Year Elective Core Courses

Any third or fourth level courses offered by the Departments of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering are suitable for inclusion as elective courses if the prerequisites for the courses are satisfied and they can be fitted into the timetable without clashes. These are listed in the 'Courses Offered' section of the Faculty's handbook under EEE and MEC. Students must select sufficient elective courses to bring their total to at least 576 credits.

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